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We know how important it is to keep the seats filled at your coffee shop, so our Smart Campaigns automatically detect when a customer has not visited your business and it sends out one of your customized messages to lure them back in with a reward.

Mr Reward

To the top!

When people search for coffee in your area, your cafe will have a premium listing that's displayed before other out of network venues. We reward our partners by allowing them to outshine their competitors. Your customers will be able to find details of your rewards and also view general information.

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Amy - Houston, TX

Our customers love it! They keep racking up points and we get to keep their loyalty. Mr Reward has increased our retention rate drastically.

Lex - Orlando, FL

The interface is intuitive and easy for our patrons. Everyone just knows to use it without being told.

Joseph - Dallas, TX

A+. Being on the Mr Reward network has helped our business bring in an untapped market. Love it!

Matt - New York, NY

I can go on and on about how helpful Mr Reward has been for our stores during the pandemic.We are lifetime customers!

Mr Reward

As easy as pie!

Mr Reward's tablet interface is intuitive and easy to use. Your customers can sign up in less than 2 minutes – a number, a name and viola! Don't worry, we make the experience for your staff just as easy and just as friendly.

Mr Reward

Instant SMS

Did you add a new tea that you want to share with your customers? Want to bring in more people with personalized messages? Mr Reward allows you to effortlessly send custom messages to your loyal customers. Note: you can purchase an additional unlimited amount of custom SMS packages below market price.

Mr Reward

We'll talk data. But first, coffee...

Access in-depth metric data to see details like when a customer last visited your cafe, their visit frequency and much more. You can easily track and modify your Smart Campaigns based on your customer's shopping behavior.

Mr Reward

From the city to the sea, for my coffee and tea

Mr Reward allows you to grow and manage multiple business locations from one friendly portal.

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